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Process Advisory Services for Kaolinitic Clay Calcination

The properties of the calcined clay are critical in determining its usage in the manufacture of cement using LC3 technology and formulations. Therefore, the success of the LC3 technology depends not only on the right selection of clay but also its calcination parameters.
Cement companies have extensively qualified technical personnel supporting the cement manufacturing based on limestone based clinker bonding system and its interplay with the pozzolanic cementitious system based on fly-ash.
LC3 TRC will determine the calcination process parameters and establish the interplay of the pozzolanic cementitious system based on calcined clay of your choice and their optimum bonding with the limestone based clinker bonding system using your raw materials. LC3 TRC will also provide on-site quality control and advisory support for pilot calcination of the selected Kaolinitic Clay.

Scope of work
Lab Scale Analysis at LC3TRC, Delhi
  1. Lab scale analysis of clays to determine the calcination temperature range
  2. Pilot calcination of clays to establish process parameters
  3. Pilot scale calcination services of Kaolinitic Clay (upto a maximum of 5 tonnes)
  4. On-site quality control and advisory services to establish quality of calcined clay suitable for LC3 use
  5. Testing and analysis of calcined clays for suitability in LC3 application
QC Lab of a Cement Plant
  1. Kaolinitic Clay calcination quality analysis and process control report.
Experience & Credentials
  1. Based on a combination of lab scale research and pilot trials LC3TRC has acquired an un-paralleled competence in establishing Kaolinitic Clay calcination parameters. With qualified and experienced material scientists and analysts LC3TRC can provide all the required services to establish calcined clay properties suitable for LC3 use. Through a pilot rotary calciner LC3TRC also has the ability to determine all the calcination parameters at laboratory scale. This helps in process optimization.
  2. Through years of experience in Kaolinitic Clay calcination for LC3 application the LC3TRC can suggest the various choices of calcination technologies available globally and the best suitable need based option for a cement plant. We also have tie-ups with Indian and global calcination equipment suppliers and can advise on the right choice depending on the clay chosen and other environmental diktats.
Kaolinitic Clay Calcination at a Cement Plant