Service Portfolio

Advisory Services in Production of Pre-Fab Building Elements

To translate lab scale success to actual production requires final testing of the product and performance evaluation under actual production. This requires expertise in understanding the production process and requirements of the client. LC3TRC provides advisory services to translate the laboratory scale results into successful production. Going forward, trial under actual production is necessary to understand and define the process parameters.

Scope of work
Monitoring Quality Parameters Prefab Production
  1. Testing of LC3 and its compatibility with raw materials used in production
  2. Support to production team to define production systems and setting up quality parameters
  3. Monitoring production quality control and suggest any changes as needed
  4. Monitoring energy consumption during production process
Understanding Client Parameters
  1. Pilot production report including potential energy and economic benefits
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3TRC has carried out both laboratory scale and production scale trials with Supertech Precast Technologies (P) Ltd. to establish the feasibility of LC3 in various types of structural and non-structural products. These have been carried out in actual plants and the experience gained has been found useful to support clients desiring to move towards a greener material.
Control Room Prefab Production