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Determining Technical Suitability of Kaolinitic Clay in LC3 Production

For Cement Companies worldwide, a critical step in adoption of the LC3 technology is the in house evaluation of the production process and compatibility with existing cement plant conditions. The LC3TRC team works with the cement plant production team to translate the laboratory result in simulating production of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) with 100 kg of calcined clay. The basic constituents are calcined Kaolinitic Clay chosen by the Cement Company, and their in house clinker, limestone and gypsum.
This suitability study is conducted using only one type of clay in consultation with the client. The study is extremely useful to produce actual LC3 in pilot industrial quantities.
The suitability study is also useful to the cement plants to understand the production process for LC3. Furthermore the use of LC3 in concrete and its property also determines the acceptability (and therefore the saleability) of the product by the company’s commercial team.

Scope of work
Pilot Calcination in Rotary Calciner at TARA Datia Rotary
  1. Selection of one Kaolinitic Clay in consultation with the Cement Company depending on the availability of Kaolinitic Clay for mining and it’s economics for production (to be determined by the Cement Company).
  2. Lab scale testing of clays to re-confirm the raw material quality
  3. Lab scale calcination to conclude the processing parameters
  4. Pilot calcination of clays in rotary calciner and determining properties
  5. Pilot scale grinding in open circuit, continuous ball mill to establish grinding parameters and physical properties of LC3
  6. Evaluation of LC3 in mortars and concrete (upto M25 and M50 formulations)
Ball Mill at TARA Datia
  1. Detailed suitability report on LC3 made with selected Kaolinitic Clay
  2. 7 mortar cubes for determining strength
  3. 200 kg of LC3 blend
  4. 100 kg of calcined clay
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3 TRC has provided pilot production services to leading cement companies in India (Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited and JK Lakshmi) by engaging research team and experts in the lab. During this suitability study close cooperation of the research, quality control and production teams of client with the LC3 TRC team is most beneficial in concluding successful suitability trials. The LC3 TRC team has successfully conducted trials of Kaolinitic Clay at JK Lakshmi Cements and Dalmia Bharat India Ltd
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