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Testing of Kaolonitic Clays for Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

Cement companies in India are confronted with rising cost of acquiring limestone and fly-ash for production of cement as expansion of production gets underway.
LC3 technology provides the cement industry the right alternative to use abundantly available Kaolonitic Clay as one of the major raw materials for augmenting production and supply of cement on a sustained basis.
Adoption of LC3 technology will enhance the life of existing limestone reserves. Further cost control is possible due to the ability of the LC3 technology to utilize low grade limestone (presently a concern of the cement industry for disposal as reject limestone) in production of cement.
LC3 Technology Resource Centre (LC3TRC) has been established to work with cement companies/plants to explore the availability of required Kaolonitic Clays as per viable economic need of the company/plant and determine the best Kaolonitic Clay that is compatible with clinker produced by the cement plant.

Scope of work
Availablity of Kaolinitic Clays, India
  1. Sharing knowledge of Kaolonitic Clay availability as per plant location
  2. Undertaking field visits and assist clients in identification of clays and sampling
  3. Testing and assessment of raw clays for suitability
  4. Lab scale calcination and determining properties
  5. Preparation of lab scale blends of LC3 using clients raw materials
  6. Evaluation of mortar strength with lab scale blend
Testing of Mortars for Lab Scale Blends
  1. Report on characterization of raw and calcined Kaolonitic Clay samples with recommendation for the most suitable sample
  2. Feasibility report including property evaluation of mortars for lab scale blends with selected Kaolonitic Clay
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3TRC has tested more than 100 clays from round the world for its application in limestone calcined clay cement. Most of the studies have shown that suitable, non-ceramic grade kaolinitic clays for LC3 production are abundantly available across the globe. These clays can be used to produce a high quality and durable general purpose cement using LC3 technology.
  2. LC3TRC maintains a database on availability of kaolinitic clays for LC3 production from diverse regions across India and has the ability to create a database in any country of the world (recently this has been done for Malawi and Iran).
Collection of Clay Samples from Field