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Pre-Feasibility Study of Using LC3 in Pre-Fab Elements

The use of Limestone Calcined Clay cement and other formulations has the unique potential of use in prefabricated building elements that are eligible for being certified green. As per a study of IIT Madras, use of Limestone Calcined Clay addition increases the durability aspects of concrete and gives similar or superior properties compared to concrete made with Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and even OPC.
The LC3 Technology Resource Team has extensive experience of designing mixes with Limestone Calcined Clay formulation and their use in paver block, hollow concrete blocks, hollow core roofing slabs and micro concrete roofing tiles.
We assist you to utilise the Limestone Calcined Clay Cement in manufacture of your building products without any change to your existing process and raw materials; other than addition of Limestone Calcined Clay formulation in the concrete mix. To establish the applicability of LC3 in the production of pre-fab element(s), the first step is to establish the compatibility with the existing raw materials through a pre-feasibility study which is conducted by LC3 Technology Resource Centre (LC3TRC).

Scope of work
Understanding Client Process Parameters
  1. Advice on sourcing of LC3 formulations
  2. Testing of raw materials (e.g. sand, aggregates) for compatibility with LC3
  3. Formulation of mix designs as per clients process parameters (existing product performance report alongwith mix design to be made available by the client)
  4. Lab scale trials and establishment of mix design properties
  5. Compatibility studies with admixtures
Establishing Pre-feasibility at LC3TRC, New Delhi
  1. A feasibility report for suitability of LC3 in existing pre-fab elements
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3TRC has vast experience in formulating concrete mix designs as per required properties. Further LC3TRC has the expertise in producing various types of structural and non-structural products with LC3 and its various combinations.
Establishing Compatibility With LC3 Admixures