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Green Certification Support for LC3 Based Pre-Fab Products

To establish the green credentials of products, one of the most acceptable certification programme followed in India is the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). GRIHA is a rating tool that helps assess the performance of a building against nationally accepted benchmarks.
Various similar certifications have been carried in the past for energy and resource efficient building material products with GRIHA Council. Customized certification can also be carried out based on client need.
Recently GRIHA has also come out with a GRIHA Product Catalogue. This is an online product catalogue developed to provide green building designers and clients with all necessary information on green building products which can be used in order to make buildings GRIHA compliant.
One of the advantages of a GRIHA rating is the enhanced market of these products which has been recognized in recent times.
Through this service we assist you to obtain GRIHA rating for your product.

Scope of work
LC3 Hollowcore Prefab Roof Slab Application at TARA, New Delhi
  1. Facilitating testing of the product as per GRIHA protocol
  2. Support to clients in collation of data and finalizing submission forms
  3. Analysis of materials, production and quality for quantifying data needed for certification
  4. Facilitating the submission process
  5. Interaction with clients for feedback and finalizing submission
LC3 Prefab Products Kerbstones and Paving Blocks
  1. GRIHA certificate for related product
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3TRC have vast working experience in processing data and providing support for GRIHA certification.
GRIHA Council Certificate