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LC3 Pilot Production Advisory Services

The most important step in the adoption of the LC3 Technology is the pilot production of LC3 using the machineries and equipment available within the cement plant. This creates confidence within the diverse teams of the company associated with the production process and also establishes feasibility of production of LC3 with the existing production system and raw materials available with the Company.
The pilot production at the plant serves multiple purposes in the LC3 technology transfer process.

  1. Validation of the process of selection of clay and the clay calcination conditions
  2. Compatibility of the calcined clay and the in house clinker during grinding using the plant’s grinding equipment.
  3. Verification of the properties of Limestone Calcined Clay cement by the technical and quality control team of the Cement Company.

The experience gained in this process helps in establishing the parameters and putting the systems in the right gear from the first trial production.

Scope of work
Quality Control at Cement Plant
  1. Visit to plant site and inspection of equipment and machineries.
  2. Determining operation parameters and suggest process optimisation
  3. Observation of production and setting up quality parameters in consultation with plant personnel
  4. Monitoring production quality and suggest any changes as needed
QC Lab at Cement Plant
  1. Production report with quality control and process changes if required
Experience & Credentials
  1. LC3TRC has acquired the expertise in producing LC3 and its various derivatives from various grinding equipment(s) and machineries e.g. closed and open circuit ball mills, ball mills with roller crushers and vertical roller mills.
Pilot Production at a Cement Plant